Tasks & Milestones Update / To Do Lists

10. January 2018

Update Update! We are strictly against wasting space. That’s why we fused the task and milestone view into one. Now you can add both in the same place, just a click of a tab. Easy peasy. You can also use Agantty as a handy To Do list for yourself now by adding tasks without a date. For more detailed information… more

Secret Santa update!

7. December 2017

 It’s Christmas Time! I hope you are as excited as I am because I’ve got a special little gift for you. Let me present: Secret Santa! I know how hard it can be to decide who gives gifts for whom – not anymore! I can handle that for you with ease. Just click the button in the top right, select… more

Context menu / right click

30. November 2017

Usability is key! Therefore one of the key features to increase the usability of Agantty was to implement a right click menu in the gantt chart. A lot of users don’t expect to use right click menus on websites but once you get used to it you can maneuver your projects a lot faster than before. Here just some examples… more

Projectmanagement Notifications / Activitylog

10. July 2017

Agantty informs you about every change you or your teammates made, so you can keep track of everything in one place. Changes in the project or task description field, milestones, task changes of any kind or complete project timings will be listed out with specific data who changes what and when. Check out video demo: more

highspeed draw task / paint task into gantt chart

12. June 2017

Now you can easily draw your tasks into your gantt chart. Open the task view and add more tasks by „holding the ALT-Key and click and hold your left-mouse-button“ and then move it to left or right to add a new task. See video demo: more

It´s raining features

5. May 2017

We´ve added couple of new cool stuff to the free to use project management tool agantty. Features like new shortcuts to make the most of your time, the new option to draw tasks directly into your gantt chart, new mail settings and many many more. Check them out. more

Multiuser Assignment + Shortcuts 

3. April 2017

Give it to your friends Finally. You can now add as many coworkers as you like as responsible for a task. Many of you requested this feature via userreport (the direct way to influence the features and ongoing development of agantty with your ideas). You can now add a task and make several people responsible for it. Share your work by selecting as… more

Gipfelstürmer Update

22. February 2017

The last weeks we made lots of your wishes become reality and made big progresses based on your feedback to make Agantty a better projectmanagement tool and a better fit for your daily needs. Beginning in march we´ve hired an additional backend developer to speed up the making-everything-better-process. These are the first features that are now available to your all. If you have further… more

Open beta

5. February 2016

Took us several remakes and basic changes to get here. We´re in open beta baby. No more limitations and invitebarriers. Everyone can get in and enjoy the free structure agantty provides. Here are some new features we´ve added to make you proud: more

Agantty Chrome App

13. June 2016

For anyone who wants Agantty to be even easier to work with, we have some great news. Agantty is now available as a Chrome Web Store App and is ready to take on even more of your organization tasks. Naturally, it has all of the features you already know, but it also has a couple of advantages. With just one… more

“How can I synchronize my calendar? (outlook, ical)”

6. September 2017

Autosync your agantty project to outlook, ical or whatever your using ? Select the project you want to sync, generate a public url from agantty and import it to your calendar. All tasks with assignment infos, color and duration will be in sync from now on.  more

Big October Updates

2. October 2015

  After all you great people submitted lots of feedback and really good ideas we went back to reconsider some of the fundamental bases of AGANTTY and came up with this new version.   Individual & not terminated tasks You can now add tasks individually for each project without worrying about the team that is assigned to it. With this big change… more

Closed beta is bursting at the seams

17. August 2015

We’re currently pretty happy with the way things are going. Thousands are testing agantty and we’re getting a lot of feedback. Because we want to be able to analyze issues and respond immediately to upcoming questions or problems we decided to limit the access for now…  more