Blog / 18. May 2018

Big projects tend to have a lot of people working on them.

To help you keeping track on everything that happens we implemented the notification bar.

If the bar is green when you visit agantty, something has changed – a task may be done, the deadline extended, a milestone shifted. Click the notification button to get to the notification bar.

Here you can see every change made by every person in every project you are in and the time that particular change was made.

Green marked notifications are new ones.

To check them as seen, simply click either the checkmark on each notification or the one on top to check all at once.

You can refresh the notifications with the refresh button in the notification bar so you don’t have to reload the whole page.

Each notification also links to the corresponding task/project/milestone. Just click on it and it will be shown on the right.

This should help you to stay on top of your projects – no matter how complex they get.