Agantty Tutorial Series – Calendar Export

Blog / 28. June 2019

Connectivity is a buzzword that grows more and more important nowadays.

With the evergrowing amount of software it becomes essential to synchronize your data between these to let you access information from everywhere.

That is why we implemented the calendar export to give you the possibility to get the informations you need about you tasks directly from your personal calendar.

In this tutorial video we will show you how to link your projects to the google calendar or programs like outlook or iCal.



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It can be extremely usefull to synchronize your projects with your online calendar.
Thats why we are going to look at the Agantty calender export today.

You can decide for each individual project if you want to export it to your calendar.
To do so, simply right-click on the project you want to export, to open up the context menu.

Here, click on “Calendar export”.

You can either export the project to google calender or other calendars like outlook, iCal or others.

For google, simply copy the link by clicking the copy button.

Now go to your google account, click on the plus next to “other calendars” in the bottom left and select “from URL”.
Just paste the link here and add the calendar – and there you go, all your tasks are in your calendar.

To export to outlook for example, simply select the other tab in Agantty, click the link to download the ICS and open it in the program of your choice and you are already done.