Agantty tutorial series – Create Dependencies

Blog / 22. March 2019

Dependencies are a corner stone of project management.

They can help you keep track of important tasks that have to be done in a specific order to ensure your project to go smoothly.

But let’s start with the basics:

Dependencies should not be seen as constraints in a project but as guidelines that will prohibit future mistakes. Once set they will help prevent issues with changing timelines, shifting tasks due to missed deadlines or simply time mismanagement – and we all know this can happen in every project, no matter how well you plan it in beforehand.

For example: If you set a task B to be dependend on task A (so that task A is a precondition for task B)…

…and then shift task B to start before task A is done – the dependency line changes to red to show you a conflict in your tasks.

How do you create such dependencies?

Glad you asked.

Because this is the start of a little “Youtube Tutorial Series” in which we will explain basic functions of Agantty – one Video a week – to ensure that working with Agantty will be even easier than before.

(If you are more of a reader, below the video is a written explanation of all the steps)

You can create dependencies with Agantty in multiple ways.

The first one is through the right-click menu. Just right-click on the task you want and either set it as a precondition for another task or make it depend on another one.

You can use the same method of right-clicking to remove dependencies (or do a ton of other stuff – we will come to those in other videos but if you want to – give it a go).

Another possibility to create dependencies is to use the Drag & Drop functions. For those just click the little arrows next to the task and drag it over to the task that will depend on it or is a precondition for the task.

As you can see, it’s very very easy to set dependencies with Agantty but as projects get bigger and bigger this becomes a very crucial step to keep track of changes in the project timeline.


I hope we made creating projects for some of you a tiny step easier and we will see you next week.