Agantty Chrome App

Blog / 13. June 2016


For anyone who wants Agantty to be even easier to work with, we have some great news. Agantty is now available as a Chrome Web Store App and is ready to take on even more of your organization tasks.

Naturally, it has all of the features you already know, but it also has a couple of advantages. With just one click, you can add it to your Chrome browser and have project management immediately available on all of your devices. No large installation process, restarts, or any other stress. Always with the most recent version, without ever having to think about updates.

As usual, you can manage your projects and tasks with drag and drop within the Chrome app, easily organise your teams and, thanks to the Dashboard and Gantt-Chart, keep everything in view. In short: Just as good as before, only easier and maybe a little niftier.


Oh, and that the Chrome App costs nothing goes without saying.

So! Check it out!