Open beta

Blog / 5. February 2016

Took us several remakes and basic changes to get here. We´re in open beta baby. No more limitations and invitebarriers. Everyone can get in and enjoy the free structure agantty provides.

Open beta brings several new features:

  • register with social logins
  • we build a little 4 step tour for finding a quicker start
  • you can hide the left and right panel to get the biggest view possible
  • simplified the add team and user invitation functionality
  • integrated a „did you know“ slider for some hot tipps
  • we added a big help section with detailed information to all important functions:
  • Set up da FAQ-Section where you´ll find the most asked questions:

And we made a little screencast so you see how quick and easy you can add projects, tasks, assign them to your teammates, add teams and invite colleagues and finish tasks in your dashboard.