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Before you start

Agantty is a powerful, user-friendly, beautiful and on top of it all free projectmanagement-tool, so to use it in all it’s glory you only need to register and bam – you’re in. If you should have any problems to get into the workflow of this beauty the following texts should help you get started and you will be able to create and manage your own projects in no time. So… off to work we go! more


To register, simply go to Here click the big green button in the middle that says “Free Sign-up”. Then just think of a username (that has not yet been taken), enter your email-address and choose a save password that is at least 4 characters long. That’s it. All done. Welcome to Agantty. more

Creating your first project and tasks in less than a minute

To create your very first project simply click on the big “Plus-Symbol” in the top left corner. In the new window on the left just enter a project name, a description and select a timeframe and a team for the project. After clicking “create project” your project is ready to go. Now you can add a tasks in the window on your right. Simply enter the name of the task you want to add, press enter and voilà – you… more