Creating a project

Project name

In here you can enter a fitting project name (otherwise it’ll be just “new project”). more

Project color

Up in the top left corner you see a colored circle. Click this to reveal a drop down menu of colors you can choose for your project. The color will appear in the gantt chart and make it easier to distinguish your projects. more


Next you have to use the datepicker to choose the starting and the ending date to set the period in which the project will be done. (For more information on how to unlock the full potential of the datepicker, have a look here.) The default time frame is 5 days. more

Project description editor

Next you should give a description of the project so you (and potential team members – but we will get to that later) always know what the project is about exactly. Like the , the editor also has a lot of features so if you want to learn more about all of them – here you go. more

Team assignment

The last step before actually creating the project is to assign a team. The default is “team private”. If you click it, a drop-down menu will appear with all the previously assigned teams. Create new team If you don’t have any yet or just want to create a new team click the “create new team” section in the menu. Now think of a fitting name for that team. In the next step you can add team members to your team… more