Task Selection

Project selection

Let’s start with selecting the projects you want to look at. In the lower right corner of your Dashboard page, you can see the the box “Filter“. If you click on the “Projects“ button within the box you´ll see all your projects. Just check those you want to consider for the view.

User selection

Right below the “projects“ button is the user button. Here you can decide whose tasks you want to see. Just check the members of your teams you want to be informed about.


The third option, accessible through the „sort“ button located at the top of the “Filter“ box, enables you to choose wether you would like to sort the selected tasks by project or by date.

If you select “project“, all projects will show up in blocks, listed by date. All tasks belonging to the same project will be listed in one block sorted by date. The next project block will show up below.

If you select “date“ instead, all tasks that are to be done on a specific date will show up in one block. You can still see which project it belongs to but the main focus will lie on the date on which the tasks are to be done.

viewing options

The fourth option which you can access through the button „view options“ in your “Filter“ box can be found at the bottom of the box, below the user button.
If you click on „view options“ you´ll see 4 different options, named “Milestones“, “Not assigned“, “Not terminated“ and “finished“, as well as “Check/uncheck all“. This enables you to show or hide projects with specific characteristics by checking or unchecking the respective options.
Example: If you check the option „Finished“, all projects which are already finished will show up in your Dashboard. If you uncheck this option, all finished projects will be hidden.