What did you say? A gantt chart is beautiful to look at and very informative if you are concerned or interested in the timing aspect but not very clear and neat arranged if you just want to concentrate on your daily or weekly tasks? Well wouldn’t you know it, we also thought of that.

Let me introduce you to my good friend the “Dashboard”.
If you look in the very top left corner you can switch between the Gantt Chart and the Dashboard whenever you want. Just a simple click and swoosh, here we are.

The Dashboard offers you a lot of options to zero in on the tasks you want to see.

Task Selection

Project selection Let’s start with selecting the projects you want to look at. In the lower right corner of your Dashboard page, you can see the the box “Filter“. If you click on the “Projects“ button within the box you´ll see all your projects. Just check those you want to consider for the view. User selection Right below the “projects“ button is the user button. Here you can decide whose tasks you want to see. Just check the members of… more


After narrowing down which tasks you want to have displayed you have to decide which timeframe you want to look at. The default presets are “Today”, “This Week” or “This Month” but you can choose your own frame anytime by clicking on “Range”. This will open a and you will be able to easily select a start and ending date for your timeframe. You can also select a whole month by simply clicking it. more


Checking these boxes will automatically mark the tasks as finished and they will fade out. more


Last but not least the Dashboard view has a possibility to export the “taskplan” you selected as a PDF so you can share, print, mail or paper your walls with it if you want to. more