Editing a project

As you probably already see, not only the project appeared on the gantt chart (the timeline in the background) but also another window on the right (if you don’t see it – double click on you project bar in the gantt chart or click it once and then the little pen icon on the project name in the left column or right click it and then click on edit. Lots of choices, everyone pick a favorite!).
Of course, nothing you entered when creating the project is ever set in stone. You can still chance and edit everything. But let’s start with having a look at the right side from top to bottom – apart from the top row. We will get to that a little later (see “View options”).

First you have the project name, project color, team name, timeframe and the description, just like in the window on the left when you created the project. Here you can edit all those things again with just a click.


Uh, tasks. That’s an important one. Tasks help you to divide your project into smaller steps and assign different steps to different team members. Tasks are overall important to keep track of smaller advancements during the project. To add one of those now infamous “tasks” you heard so much about in the last 30 seconds simply click on “Add” next to “Tasks/Milestones”, watch the sexy slide animation and enter a task name. By clicking “Add Task“ or pressing enter you… more

Milestones / Deadline

Next up are Milestones and the Deadline. The Deadline is easy enough: The date when your project is due. It can be set to a date after the ending date of your project but not before. Milestones are used to mark important dates or steps during your project. Just like a task, to add click “Add” next to “Task/Milestone” but now select the “Milestone” tab. Enter a name and a description and choose a date by clicking the date placeholder… more

Copy project/task

Are you really really satisfied with you project setup? Is one just not enough for you? Do you have similar projects like this one to do? Simply duplicate it! Only one right click on the project on the left and one left click on the duplicate button and there you have it. Your own project clone. The same applies to tasks you want to copy except that you also have the possibility to copy tasks just by holding [Alt] and… more

Project finished?

The next bit might be self explanatory but we don’t cut corners here. Under the task window you can see a checkbox that says “project finished”. So if you are done with your project just click it and a window will appear and ask you if you are sure. If you are – go for it and click ok. This will fade out your project from the gantt chart to make room for more and your chart cleans up a… more

Edit project rights / teams & permissions

If you want to change the rights to a project simply select the project and click the project rights button on the bottom of the right side or click the  button in the top right This will take you to the options page of your teams. Here you can change the rights of the members (if you have the authority to do so of course). Your options are: projectmanager (can change other project rights, change all tasks, add new ones, shuffle them… more

Restore deleted projects

You deleted it by accident, didn’t you? Well, I guess it’s human to make mistakes – that’s why I got your back. Just click the bin button next to the finished projects in the bottom left corner that says deleted projects. This will open a window where you have to click the button on the left side to restore the project. This will automatically unmark the project as finished. The other bin button there will do what most bin buttons… more

Edit project right and the bin

The last two options for the editing of a project are editing the project rights and deleting it completely. If you click the project rights button you will be taken to the options page of you team and be able to change the rules of the members if you have the authority to do so. The bin-symbol does what those symbols mostly do – delete stuff. Stuff in this case meaning the whole project. For good. No turning back. That’s… more