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date: 09.12.2023
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Agantty GmbH
Labesstraße 7
27404 Zeven | Germany

Press contact: Fynn Kliemann

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Agantty is everything that most project management tools are not. Sexy, simple and effective. All those things were important to us and we missed them in most of the solutions we found out there. As we are usually a web agency, we were always looking for a really nice project management tool, which is low in cost to get some structure in our chaotic daily nerd business. We were looking for such a solution for so long, that we thought “why not just built it and share it with the world?”. It was time to program something honest. Without hidden costs and with unlimited opportunities for use. That’s where the idea of Agantty was born.

The Tool

Agantty is a clear, stylish and most of all smart project management tool for an unlimited number of projects, teams and tasks. You plan in a tried and tested Gantt-Chart, but in a nice and sexy way. It is available in English, German and Low-German (kindly translated by my granddad). And best of all, everyone can just use it. Since we are creatives using open source software on a daily basis, it was our goal to give something back. That’s why we´re offering Agantty for free.

After the closed beta phase, we’ve now got some/many? very creative users and we’re extending the scope of operation together with our lovely community. Agantty proves that the idea of a sexy interface design, and project management, can go well together.


The benefits

Why you should work with Agantty is clear. It’s the best, sexiest and easiest way to organise your projects in unlimited Gantt charts. Competitors like tomsplanner or merlin project are either outdated, ugly or simply too complicated. Our software is easy to handle, extremely sexy and the best of all. It’s free!

There is simply not one free to use alternative which can do what Agantty offers. All the open source solutions out there won’t have properly working Gantt charts and you will need to setup a server yourself to make them work. With Agantty you can start immediately, invite anyone and work on unlimited projects.

We have also created huge parts of the software from scratch. The drag & drop plugin is way ahead of similar solutions in terms of its performance, allowing a smoother experience that underlines the already stylish look, and sets Agantty apart from other project management software. Additionally we reinvented the Datepicker and optimized other plugins, where competitors only use standardized solutions.

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 The business model

Agantty’s basic version is for free and it will stay like that. But there are plans to release extensions in the future which will require micro payments. These payments should be in a range around 99 cents per transaction and will add functions selected by evaluating user feedback. For example you can add an extension, which allows the user to export his Gantt charts to PDF for 99 cents per month or even a connection to a software like Fastbill for around 1,99$ monthly. This way the user has the option, to always work with the basic function kit and then to add extensions which he or she needs, without being forced to do so.

Additionally we are thinking about offering an option for a one-time payment. For example, many customers prefer paying 19,99$ to be able to use an Extension without any limitations.

We will always simply inform our users and offer them additional extensions. Never push or annoy them. This way our main goal will remain getting as many users as possible to keep using and loving Agantty. This will lead, organically, to users who add extensions to improve their experience. Keeping the barriers to entry low, a two field signup, no hidden costs, no limitations and super low extension costs. Those are the ideas behind Agantty.

The Team

Our team is based in the small city of Zeven close to Hamburg, Germany. Fynn Kliemann and Florian Bottmann are the founders and the creative force behind the project management tool. Together with Arne Schröder they put a lot of work and energy into this project. As a web-agency our main business is building websites and other web based solutions for small to medium sized companies. We know what these guys need, because we also needed a tool to organize our own projects.

So we started. Florian build the backend, while his colleague Arne was working on the frontend and basically everything that’s moving. Fynn did the concept as well as the design. This way Agantty became something that really is created with a view to what potential users need and an honest wish to replace chaos and annoyance with organisation and style.


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Agantty GmbH
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27404 Zeven | Germany

Press contact: Fynn Kliemann