User Contract

1. This service is provided by

Company Agantty GmbH, Lange Str. 40, 27404 Zeven,
Fon : 04281 / 50 79 10 20
Fax: 04281 / 50 79 10 29
CEO: Fynn Kliemann, Florian Bottmann

Registered at the commercial register of the local Court of Tostedt
Registration number: HRB 205038


2. Contract Language

The contract can be drawn up in German and English.

The contract is stored as a document by Agantty GmbH. The document will not be accessible to the user after the expiration of the contract. You will have the possibility of printing and saving the contract upon concluding the contract.


3. Contract Conclusion (Technical steps, Process)

The following technical steps lead to concluding a contract regarding the use of the Agantty Tool.

a) Conclusion via our website

You will be required to choose a username and password and provide your email address. You will be prompted to confirm once again whether you would like to use our Tool, and if necessary make any changes or adjustments. This process is not legally binding. You accept the contract only when you click the “Create Free Account”, hereby sending us your confirmation and giving us permission to conclude a user contract.


b) Conclusion via Social Media Portals



By clicking the respective button you declare you agree that the Social Media Portal grants us access to your email address, as well as your profile picture and your username. You will be asked to confirm once again whether you would like to sign up for the use of our Tool and whether you are sure you agree to granting us access to your data. By confirming this on one of the respective portals, you send us a declaration of acceptance, hereby giving us permission to conclude a binding user contract. Upon receiving this we will immediately send you a confirmation email, granting you access to your order.


4. User Contract Start

A user contract regarding the use of the Agantty Tool takes effect as soon as you receive an acceptance confirmation within the term of acceptance, we accept your offer by means of concluding behaviour within or when we grant you access, or rather send you access details to the Tool within the term of acceptance.


5. Warranty (Liability for defects)

The use of the Agantty Tool is available free of charge. In case of defects with the Tool or any other service provided by the Agantty company, the following applies:

In case Agantty GmbH maliciously omit to report a defect with the Tool and / or any other further service provided, the company will be obliged to reimburse the user for the resulting damage.

Otherwise, Agantty GmbH is only liable for wilful intent and gross negligence.